UFC 262

Who you got?

First of all UFC 261 was the one of the best if not the best sporting events I ever watched. All the fights were entertaining. Now UFC 262 is here and I am excited. The main event is the bout between Charles Oliveira Vs. Michael Chandler. The winner of that fight will determine the next lightweight champion.

Before saying who do I think is going to win, I will analyze both fighters.

Lets starts with Charles Do Bronx Oliveira. He is a black belt jiu-jitsu, so if the fight goes to the floor the chances of Oliveira winning are much higher. But Oliveira is no rookie standing. Watching back his fights, he has a clean technique and is a dangerous counter puncher. He is currently ranked #3 in the lightweight division. Oliveira has a winning streak of 8 fights, which is absurd. The last two fights were against amazing fighter (Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson). Will the jiu-jitsu and his counter-punch strategy will be enough to defeat Michael Chandler?

Michael Iron Chandler, former Bellator lightweight champion. Chandler made his UFC debut in January with Dan Hooker, who he put away with a exquisite left hand. Chandler has a background in wrestling, so it will be hard for Oliveira to take him down. If the fight takes place for most of the time standing, Chandler may have the upper hand. But a problem for Chandler is how much he takes to reset his stance. Chandler is an explosive person, but what I have seeing is that he takes a lot of time to go back to his defense. If he misses one of his combos, will he react in time to not be hit by “Do Bronx”? This will be an interesting bout.

My pick is Michael Chandler, just because of the Charles Oliveira fight against Paul Felder. Also, I do not know if Oliveira has a chin as tough as Dan Hooker. Everything that Chandler throws has power and I do not think that Oliveira can take multiple punches from Chandler.

Comment who do you think is going to win

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Just having fun

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